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Upcoming meetings:

Annual General Meeting
Monday, Sept 9, 2019
7:00 pm
Christ Church Anglican

Community Association meetings are held at Christ Church Anglican, 515 28th St West.

All residents of Caswell Hill are welcome to attend Caswell Community Association board meetings.

Caswell Hill boundaries are as follows:
North/South boundaries are between 22nd St W and 33rd St W.
East/West boundaries are between Idylwyld Drive and Ave H North.
Residents living inside these boundaries are in Caswell Hill.


Sept 9, 2019, 7:00 pm

Christ Church Anglican, 515 28th St W

5 Reasons to Attend the Caswell Community Association AGM

Attending an AGM (Annual General Meeting) may not seem the most exciting way you could spend a Monday evening. But we’d like to give you some compelling reasons to consider coming to Caswell Community Association’s AGM on September 9th!

First of all, consider the value of getting out of the house. You could avoid another night of endless tv reruns and telemarketing phone calls. Plus, maybe you & your family would enjoy a small break from each other.

But in case that is not motivating enough, please consider the following benefits. Our AGM is a great way to:

1) Share your concerns and ideas for improving this place we live

2) Get updated on what’s happened in our neighbourhood, and what the Association has accomplished

3) Find out about recreational/educational programs, group activities and special events which the Caswell CA is planning for the coming year

4) Meet the current members of the Executive -- and shape the future by electing people to serve for the coming year

5) Connect with neighbours and make some new friends

And just for good measure, here’s one more excellent reason: Consider this your personal invitation to get involved (or re-involved) and become more engaged in the life of our community. Learn how you can work with like-minded neighbours to make Caswell Hill the very best it can be!

We hope that one or more of these reasons will compel you to join us at this year’s AGM! The meeting will be held Monday, Sept 9th, at 7 pm in the Parish Hall at Christ Church Anglican. (Use the blue door at 515 28th Street West.) Everyone is welcome to attend but only residents of Caswell Hill are eligible to vote.

Please have a look around our website or the Caswell Community Association Facebook page to learn more about your local Community Association and the many ways you can get involved.

Impact the Direction of Your Neighbourhood!

The AGM gives you the opportunity to elect new board members, approve the annual budget and discuss particular projects and issues. Our bylaws state that elections for executive positions shall be held at the Annual General Meeting each year. Adult residents of Caswell Hill are considered members in good standing, eligible to vote and be nominated for election. All executive positions are 1-year terms and nominations may be made from the floor at the AGM. Some members may not be returning for the 2019/2020 year; this is an opportunity for others to fill executive positions and determine the direction our community will take over the coming years. If you have an interest in issues as varied as our programming, community clean up, neighbourhood civics, our newsletter, annual arts festival, or any number of other current and future neighbourhood initiatives this is the perfect time to get involved. Come to the AGM to put your name forward or vote for your new association executive.

All the best to next year's new executive!



Our Annual General Meeting is held in September. Some board members may not be returning, leaving the positions open to be filled at the September AGM. If you, or someone you know could help out, WE NEED YOU! Please come to the AGM and consider running.


Sept 9, 2019, 7:00 pm

Christ Church Anglican, 515 28th St W

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