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Upcoming Meetings:

Monday, June 3, 2019
7:00 pm
Christ Church Anglican

Community Association meetings are held at Christ Church Anglican, 515 28th St West.

All residents of Caswell Hill are welcome to attend Caswell Community Association meetings.

Caswell Hill boundaries are as follows:
North/South boundaries are between 22nd St W and 33rd St W.
East/West boundaries are between Idylwyld Drive and Ave H North.
Residents living inside these boundaries are in Caswell Hill.

Local Attractions:

Caswell School

Bedford Road High School

SIAST Kelsey

Mayfair Public Library

Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre

Ashworth Holmes Park

Mayfair Pool

Mayfair Lawn Bowling

Safeway on 33rd





Imagine Idylwyld

Imagine Idylwyld is a twelve month City of Saskatoon planning, transportation and design initiative for Idylwyld Drive. The purpose of Imagine Idylwyld is to develop a vision and conceptual plan to improve the function, safety, connectivity and quality of the roadway and public realm along Idylwyld Drive, between 20th Street and 25th Street East.

Idylwyld Drive is, and will continue to be, a major north-south arterial corridor in Saskatoon and a key gateway into the City Centre for motorized vehicles. However, its current configuration poses a challenging environment for pedestrians to navigate, and divides surrounding neighbourhoods and districts. Improvements to Idylwyld Drive will help link the neighbourhoods and the business districts, making it easier for people to get around the City Centre and help define the street as a gateway by cultivating a sense of arrival.

For more information on the Imagine Idylwyld project, to see the Final Report Concept Design Report, and to subscribe for project updates, visit Imagine Idylwyld on the City of Saskatoon website. Want to get in touch? Send the City of Saskatoon project team an email at

Bus Barns/South Caswell Redevelopment Site

Status Update: The Roadways and Operations Division used the bus barns for passive storage for heavy equipment over the winter, until March 2018. It was undetermined at this time if staff would be relocated to the administrative offices. The next step in the South Caswell Redevelopment Project is to determine a sale process for the City-owned properties. Saskatoon Land will be leading this next phase, and the Planning and Development Division will assist by developing zoning and development standards that meet the community values and vision for the area, as outlined in the 2010 South Caswell Concept Plan. The timing of when the City-owned sites could be sold is yet undetermined, as it will be dependent on the sale option that is supported going forward.

For information about the South Caswell Redevelopment, visit South Caswell Redevelopment. If you have questions please contact: Melissa Austin, Senior Planner, Planning and Development Division, City of Saskatoon, phone: 306-986-1695, email:

City of Saskatoon: Growing Forward

Shaping Saskatoon is a way to find out about ongoing City of Saskatoon Projects, join in on topical Discussions, and take Surveys that will help shape Saskatoon’s future. The more public input received, the better it can become.

With your input, the Growth Plan to Half a Million will help guide future infrastructure investments in areas like corridor redevelopment, transit and core area bridges so residents will have more choices for how they live and move around the city as Saskatoon grows. Current projects include Bus Rapid Transit and others. Visit the Plan for Growth for more info.

City of Saskatoon Info

For City of Saskatoon news, program information, Service Alerts, Traffic Detours, and links to social media channels, please visit

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

The City of Saskatoon is looking for input on where you would like to see the BRT system travel - particularly with regard to routes Downtown and in the Broadway area. Pop-up events will be occurring across Saskatoon in November. The City of Saskatoon will announce pop-ups a couple of days in advance on their Facebook Page.

Any questions about BRT, or if you would like to participate in future engagement activities, please contact If you have any questions about the Plan for Growth in general, please contact the Growth Plan Implementation Team at

Residential Parking Permits

Many residential areas across Saskatoon experience significant on-street parking congestion, usually generated by a nearby hospital, university, or business district. The Residential Parking Program (RPP) was established to minimize this congestion by limiting non-resident parking to a maximum amount of time so that on-street space is continuously made available in these areas.

There are areas of Caswell Hill that have full or limited residential parking zones. More information about current zones in Caswell Hill including maps, eligibility, zone creation, modification, and resident, temporary & visitor permits can be found on the city of Saskatoon website's Residential Parking Program webpage.

2018 Watermain, Sanitary Lining and Lead Water Pipe Replacement Initiative

Work continues on the City of Saskatoon's 2018 Watermain, Sanitary Lining and Lead Water Pipe Replacement Initiative. For more information from the City of Saskatoon about the project, follow this link.

Citizen Patrol

Citizen Patrol Volunteers take on an active role in the community. They provide a positive visible presence in their neighborhoods and serve as a deterrent to criminal activity. By joining together, they show they care about each other and about what happens in their neighborhood. People that live in a community have firsthand knowledge of of the area and its challenges and are a great aid as "Eyes & Ears" for police. Saskatoon Police members provide them with the skills needed to be able to report and document suspicious activity accurately.

Become a Citizen Patrol Volunteer

It takes a positive attitude, enjoying fresh air and exercise, and becoming acquainted with the neighbors by walking, riding a bike, jogging or driving around the neighborhood. Volunteers work in teams, are identifiable by their vests, and carry a flashlight and cell phone.

Citizen Patrol Volunteers patrol parks, schoolyards, strip malls, and residential areas in their community. They invest as much spare time as they have to offer, one hour at a time, or more. Join today and teach our future generations the value of community and the responsibility we all have in creating or maintaining a community in which we want our children to raise our future generations in. If you want more info email us at


Caswell Local Area Plan

In 2001, a Local Area Plan (LAP) for the Caswell Hill neighbourhood was completed. The end result yielded a list of recommendations for improving and guiding future development in the area.

Visit the City of Saskatoon website to view the Local Area Plan for Caswell Hill.


South Caswell Concept Plan

The proposed plan was adopted by City Council on April 12, 2010.

To view updates on the project visit the South Caswell Concept Plan on the City of Saskatoon website.


Caswell Dog Park

A one acre neighbourhood Dog Park, located next to the Mayfair pool between Avenue F and Avenue G and 31st and 32nd Street, began in the spring 2014. This Dog Park is fenced, manicured and provides pick up bags as part of the two year trial period. For more information about this and other dog parks visit the City of Saskatoon Dog Parks webpage.


Ashworth Holmes Park: Mural

The mural on MayFair Lawn Bowling Club in Ashworth Holmes Park is by local artist Josh Jacobson. Enabled by a City of Saskatoon grant applied for by Caswell Community Association, it was installed to replace the mural that was defaced. Josh has several eye-catching murals up around the city (including one of 33rd St) and his colourful depiction of the four life-stages of a butterfly is a beautiful addition to Ashworth Holmes Park.

Special thanks to the City of Saskatoon for donating the cost and labour of cleaning and priming the wall. Funds raised from our skating party helped to purchase a special protective coating for the mural. Thanks everyone!

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project Timeline



Temporary Artwork Installation on 33rd St

The Urban Design Placemaker Program installed a temporary artwork in the Mayfair Neighborhood at 33rd street and Ave. C. Harvest Collector is a public artwork by local artist Leslie Potter. It has been exhibited since 2010 in the Farmers Market area. The initiative to relocate this art responds to the requests from public consultations in 2013 to have art on 33rd Street. As well, 33rd Street is identified in the City Wide Urban Design Program for streetscape improvements.

The artist description of the work represents his vision for the art. "The gentle and colourful nature of this sculpture creates many variations: a big hay rake, a sheaf of wheat or perhaps a kind of vessel that gathers food."

A plaque with title of the artwork, name of the artist and artist statement has been made and will be installed shortly.

Harvest Collector was installed October 3, 2014, and will be in the new location for a few years. The Placemaker Program's temporary art collection is reviewed by the Visual Arts Placement Jury annually.

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